After “Use of Force” Plan

So You Had A “Use Of Force,” What Now?

The moments after an incident where you have had to “use force” are critical. If you do or say the incorrect thing, it may mean the difference between keeping your legal rights and waiving them. These legal rights may ultimately be the difference between preserving your freedom, or not! Therefore, our company recommends that members follow these procedures if they have a “use of force.”

  • Make sure the threat has been controlled and remain at the scene. If not, find a safe place and remain there.
  • Call 911, request police and ambulance – do not say anything other than your name, location, send police and ambulance, and that you have been a victim of a crime. The 911 call is recorded – Say Nothing Else!
  • Call your attorneys! Call the emergency hotline number on the back of your Private Security Officer Legal Defense Program Membership card.
  • Wait for authorities.
  • Return your weapon to safe keeping – do not keep it in your hands – you may be mistaken for a bad guy.
  • Do not disturb the scene or remove physical evidence.
  • Do not refuse medical treatment.
  • When police arrive comply with all commands in a neutral non-threatening manner, keeping your hands clear.
  • Inform the police you have been a victim of a crime and provide your statistical data, such as name, address, telephone, etc. – nothing else! State to the police: “I wish to invoke my right to remain silent and I want my attorney.”
  • Make no statement to anyone, wait to talk to your attorney. If you just had a “use of force” incident, you are in no state to answer detailed questions. Silence is likely your best option.
  • Do not complete any incident reports for your company until you have reread it and had it reviewed by your attorney. Do not discuss the incident with your supervisor or fellow security officers. These can be used as evidence against you.
  • Do not speak to the media.
  • If asked to accompany law enforcement, comply, but make no statements!
  • When your lawyer arrives, follow their advice explicitly.
  • Do not make any jokes or cute remarks. These may be used against you!
  • Even if you feel you have done nothing wrong, make no statements! Talk to your lawyer first!



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