If I call the emergency “use of force” hotline, will I actually be speaking to an attorney?
Yes. The phone is always answered by an attorney, not a receptionist or answering service. You get immediate communications with your lawyer.

Does the program cover me when I am off-duty?
No, this program covers on-duty “uses of force.” However, you can sign up for our Texas Law Shield Non-CHL or CHL Program and be covered off-duty anywhere you are able to legally possess a firearm in Texas.

Does the program cover me if I use less than deadly force (i.e. baton, pepper spray…) while on-duty?
Yes, Texas Law Shield Private Security Officer Legal Defense Program will protect our member/officers in the event they have to “use force” involving any weapons or physical force while on-duty.

If there is a mistrial or the case has to be retried, is that covered?
Yes. Our representation includes both civil and criminal trials and any retrials that may be necessary.

Is there a limit on the amount of hours for defense under this program?
No. We do not put a limit on the number of hours devoted to your defense. We are there from the beginning until the very end. No matter how many hours are dedicated to your defense, you will not pay any additional attorneys’ fees beyond your membership cost. As a member, you deserve no less.

Since the program is so inexpensive, will I receive less service than other clients?
Absolutely not. Our lawyer’s responsibility and ethical duty is to represent clients zealously, fully, and to the best of their abilities, regardless of fees charged.

Does this program pay for the bond if I am charged with a crime for the use of force?
No. While the program does not pay for any bonds or fees associated with bonds, we will assist the member in finding an appropriate bail bondsman.

Is there a contract and can I cancel at any time?
There is a contract, however, as a member, you have the right to cancel your representation and contract at any time and we will gladly refund your unused membership amount.

Can I sign up in class today even though I am in the process of obtaining my security certificate?
Absolutely. As soon as you complete the class you are eligible to work as a Level II Private Security Officer.

Is this insurance?
Absolutely not. We are a legal services company dedicated to preserving all of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Is there a deductible or co-payment if I have a “use of force?”
No. As long as you are up to date on your membership payment, you will incur no other attorneys’ fees.

If I have a “use of force,” will I be dropped from the program or have my rates increased?
Absolutely not. As a member, Texas Law Shield will provide an attorney for your legal defense at the membership cost. You pay nothing more.



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