Benefits of Program

If you are a member of the Texas Law Shield Private Security Officer Legal Defense Program, you receive all of the following benefits and services.

  • Legal Representation for All On-Duty “Use of Force” Incidents
    If you have a “use of force” under the Private Security Officer Legal Defense Program, our lawyers will represent you in any administrative hearing with the State Office of Administrative Hearings or legal proceeding in Texas (criminal or civil), for zero additional attorneys’ fees.
  • 24/7/365 Access to Attorney Answered Hotline
    Our 24/7/365 attorney answered emergency hotline is available only to the members of the Private Security Officer Legal Defense Program.
  • Security Updates
    Periodic updates on laws affecting security officers’ rights and changes in the law. A key component of our program is education.
  • Peace of Mind
    Dedicated to giving our members the peace of mind in knowing who to call and the assurance that they will have legal protection if they have a “use of force.”

What’s not covered
While our services are quite comprehensive, the following are not covered: bail bonds, governmental fees of any type; or expert witness and investigator fees.



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